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Whey X-MAS Edition SET

Christmas sweets without sin - less than 2g fat per shake

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Get this Christmas set (2 proteins) from All Stars 100% Whey Protein in the delicious Christmas flavors: 1 x cinnamon star and 1 x marzipan.


Christmas sweets without sin - less than 2g fat per shake. 100% whey protein concentrate and isolate with glutamine, leucine and taurine. Good quality whey.

Protein concentrates are low in fat and carbohydrates, so they can be used with any diet. Whey protein (whey protein) is the most popular protein supplement in sport because it has the highest biological value (approx. 104) and the fastest availability. The high proportion of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) can protect muscles and promote regeneration. This makes whey protein particularly suitable for the times before and after training, as well as early in the morning.

- new recipe, new design, new tastes
- less than 1g fat per shake
- less than 2g of carbohydrates
- without gelatin
- without aspartame
- fat free
- little sugar

100% Whey Protein is the ideal protein concentrate for the daily protein supply: in the morning as well as directly before and after training.

100% whey protein is produced using the ultra-instantization process. The powder is very soluble! Natural aromas give the shake a very tasty taste.


Energy 1632.4kJ (386.2kcal)
Fat 5.9g
of which saturated fatty acids 3.9g
Carbohydrates 6.6g
of which sugar 5.4g
Protein 75.5g
Salt 0.1g


L-alanine 4.71 g
L-arginine 2.36 g
L-aspartic acid 10.68 g
L-cysteine ​​1.91 g
L-glutamic acid 17.84 g
L-glycine 1.73 g
L-histidine 1.9 g
L-isoleucine (BCAA) 6.24 g
L-Leucine (BCAA) 10.76 g
L-lysine 9.13 g
L-methionine 1.87 g
L-phenylalanine 3.23 g
L-proline 6.74 g
L-serine 4.48 g
L-threonine 6.44 g
L-tryptophan 1.88 g
L-tyrosine 2.77 g
L-valine (BCAA) 5.32 g


Whey protein concentrate (78.6%), whey protein isolate (12.2%), taurine, aroma (2.9%), thickener: xanthan (1%), L-glutamine, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide (silica), emulsifier : Lecithin (from soy), L-leucine, sweetener: acesulfame K and sucralose, table salt


Mix 30g powder (1 measuring spoon) with 250ml water or 300ml milk. 1 shake daily (more if necessary), preferably immediately after training.

Made in Germany.

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