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Flavor Drops, Marzipan

Nutriful Flavor Drops are a calorie-free flavor concentrate of flavor and sweetener for the refinement of food and drinks

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Product Information

The Nutriful FlavorDrops will be your new tasteful companion on the go, in the domestic kitchen or at work. The combination of aroma and sucralose sweetener is calorie-free and delicious at the same time.

You can enjoy a wide range of applications. By dripping with the dropper, you can add a special touch to a cup, convert larger amounts of water into a delicious drink or turn a natural yoghurt into a tasty version without any added sugar. Or add extra flavor to your creations when baking.


Add 3-5 drops in 100ml of a drink of your choice or alternatively in 250g of food. The amount of 5 drops corresponds to approximately 0.25ml.


Water, flavor, sweetener (sucralose), dye (tartrazine)

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