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Liquid Egg Whites (Free Range)

High protein egg whites. Long shelf-life and room temperature storage. Free Range

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Each bottle contains a whopping 32 Free Range Liquid Egg Whites.
This is no yolk. Uncle Jack`s Liquid Egg Whites are done right. Free Range & Pure.

Uncle Jack`s have already separated and removed the yolk so you are saved the hassle, the time, and the wastage.

Keeps for up to 6 months at room temperature. Refridgerate once opened and consume within 48 hours.

So whether you are creating a super healthy omelette, a mega protein shake, or just adding them into your whiskey sour cocktail for some down time Liquid Egg Whites are the perfect protein solution.

Here are the facts:

- Only contains free range eggs
- No added preservatives
- Store ambient (no need to put in the fridge until bottle is opened)
- Keeps for up to 6 months from manufacture
- 11 g protein per 100 g serving
- can be consumed raw


100% Pasteurised Liquid Egg Whites

Important Information:

Store in a cool dry place. Please see bottle cap for best before date. Once opened, refrigerate immediately and consume within 48 hours.

Nutrition information: average values per 100ml:

Energy (KJ) 209 - Energy (Kcal) 50
Fat 0.5g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.0g
Carbohydrate 1.1g
of which sugar 1.1g
Fiber 0.0g
Protein 11,0 g
Salt 0.16 g

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