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Promixx MiiXR+

A beautifully designed vortex mixer that will charge your device while you workout

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A beautifully designed vortex mixer that will charge your device while you workout.

MiiXR+ features easy-charging and device-charging capabilities with onboard USB and Micro-USB ports. The MiiXR+ is more powerful than ever before, featuring two Lithium-ion batteries to give both kick-ass torque and convenient device-charging capability.

Uniquely, the shaker can charge phones, tablets or headphones on the move whilst a micro-usb phone cable recharges the battery from a mains supply.


- Powerful vortex mixing technology
- Innovative magnetic coupling
- USB / Micro USB rechargeable
- Charge with MiiXR+ other devices
- 2 x Lithium-ion batteries
- Device charging capabilities
- Optimally-designed X-Blade with rounded edges
- Maintains micronutrient integrity of high-grade nutritionals
- Ergonomic design
- Soft-touch matte finish
- Impact-resistant Tritan copolyester
- Super smooth nutritional shakes in under 5 seconds
- Extra-wide mouth spout allows for comfortable, no spill drinking on the go
- New breather hole in the cap allows for superior air-flow and chugability
- Detachable motor for easy-cleaning and lightweight water bottle option
- Secure base-to-vessel locking for improved user-experience
- BPA + DEHP free

No more leaking, no more mess - throw your MiiXR into your bag with confidence!

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