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Lean Degree Fatburner

Fat loss advanced thermo system

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Lose weight quickly, effectively and SAFELY with Lean Degree!

Developed by UK-leading supplements manufacturer PhD, Lean Degree is the intelligent way of losing excess weight. It features a carefully selected lineup of active ingredients that will enhance your body`s natural ability to burn off its fat reserves thus eliminating excess weight.

How does Lean Degree attack body fat?

Lean Degree boosts your metabolism. A faster metabolism forces your body to start targeting and burning off fat stores for fuel to meet your energy needs. Its Green Tea content helps curb hunger and stops your cravings for sugary and oily foods. Lean Degree helps increase fatty acid metabolism with the help of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid). Lean Degree contains Dandelion – a natural diuretic that increases fluid elimination to help flush out unwanted water and body fluids.

Lean Degree is the stress-free way of losing weight!
Dieting can take its toll on your mood. If you get overwhelmed by the whole dieting process, you can easily fall victim to “Emotional Eating” in response to stress. Lean Degree helps you lose weight and feel good at the same time with the help of L-Tyrosine and DMAE Bitartrate. These ingredients help reduce mental stress and improve mood while you diet.

Nutritional information:

For more information about nutritional values, please open the PDF at Nutritional Facts.


Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

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