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Diet Booster

For assistance in any low carb diet

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- For assistance in any low carb diet
- Success Factors: Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Fenugreek Extract, White Kidney Bean Extract, L-Tyrosine, Bitter Melon Extract and Cinnamon Extract
- Optimized with 20.8 μg chromium per serving
- 7-component Diet Booster Complex
- Pure herbal, tested ingredients
- Ideal in the diet and definition phase

Not every athlete manages to reach the goal of a defined body through a calorie deficit and increased movement. The challenge is to maintain a long-term diet or to completely dispense with carbohydrates during a low-carb diet. Any athlete who has undergone such a diet for some time knows how difficult it can be to attack the last fat deposits. With poor or even wrong nutrition, it can lead to performance and concentration losses, until even the energy metabolism gradually degrades. Diet Booster has been created by IronMaxx® to effectively supplement such diets.


Take 4 capsules just before a carbohydrate-rich meal with plenty of water.

Nutrition facts and ingredients

For more information on nutritional values ​​and ingredients, please open the PDF at Nutritional Facts.

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