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Promixx Pursuit EcoZen Shaker

Enviro-friendly Ecozen shaker bottle, no rattling ball, leak-proof, elegant and functional design

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Look for no rattling ball! The snap-fit agitator fits directly into the sports lid, guaranteeing a smooth shake every time, and most importantly - no annoying rattling ball!

The agiatator can also be effortlessly removed for easy cleaning. Exclusive to the PROMiXX PURSUIT range of shaker bottles, when you see the agitator, you know you have a PURSUIT and can count on the smoothest shakes.

- Eco Friendly
- Ergonomic Design
- Snap-Fit agitator
- Ecozen Bottle
- Leak-Proof Lead
- Impact resistant

The PROMiXX PURSUIT Shaker Bottle is here. Our protein shaker bottle has been designed with simplicity, functionality and elegance in mind.

Our enviro-friendly ECOZEN shaker bottle has been created using natural materials based on the extract from plant or vegetable materials (FDA, LFGB & ESFA approved). It’s also durable, odor and stain resistant and BPA-free, which means your protein stays clean. The perfectly curved contours combined with the lids integrated carry loop means it fits comfortably and securely in your hand – it’s also guaranteed leakproof so no leaks in your gym bag!


The snap-fit agitator can be effortlessly removed for easy cleaning.


Made from ECOZEN, a natural biomass based material, ensures odor and stain resistance so your protein stays clean.


Sports lid with flip-cap and ergonomic mouthpiece.


Piece of mind against those `uh oh` moments.


1 x Eco-friendly & Impact-resistant bottle
1 x Leakproof Sports Lid with Carry Loop
1 x Soft-edge domed Snap-fit Agitator
1 x Swing Tag with Instructions


- Wash thoroughly before use
- For best results, add liquid before adding your powder
- Warning: do not use hot liquids
- Fasten securely before shaking and always open with care
- Dishwasher Safe

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